Before You Start Capturing CO2, or Give Up Your Backyard BBQ

3423 – July 10, 2024 – “Before You Start Capturing CO2, or Give Up Your Backyard BBQ” – What do you know of the reasons for our (America’s) deep state of government? Why are they doing and approving the crazy things we are witnessing? Before you start capturing CO2, before you give up your backyard barbeques… there’s something you need to know and understand. Our land is their goal to own and to “man.” No turbines across the land will save you from “climate chang...

Do We Need an Underground Media?

3404 – June 13, 2024 – Do We Need an Underground Media? – Is there 1st Amendment censorship in America? How do we make sure that we are getting the truth from Google? Preservation and protection of Liberty and Truth require CONSTANT vigilance!

The “ACTS” of Congress

3403 – June 12, 2024 – The “ACTS” of Congress – BEWARE of the “Sustain Act.” It was passed surreptitiously in what basically amounts to a quiet insurrection. Some republicans (dems too?) in US House were not even aware that it had passed as it was hidden DEEP in an appropriations bill. Mindy Patterson of The Cavalry Group helps Beth Ann explain what it means. Keep Saturday, Sept. 14, 2024 open so you can attend our “Bring America Home” confer...