Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/09/2024
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Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/09/2024

* Guest: Casey Whalen, Investigative Journalist / Videographer, Proprietor of North Idaho Exposed –

* Wayne Root: The Important Question Isn’t “Who is Replacing Biden?” The Life & Death Question We Should All Be Asking Is, “Who Is Running Our Country?”

* Poetic justice! – Did Coeur d’Alene City Councilman Dan Gookin Violate The New Hate Crime Ordinance? – Is the FBI launching an investigation? – Casey Whalen.

* On July 2, 2024, the City Council of Coeur d’Alene, ID passed a hate crime ordinance. It’s essentially a mirror of the malicious harassment law in Idaho but laced with additional penalties to malign constitutionally minded citizens. It’s a simple way to put political opposition in a box that disagrees with socialists and the LGBTQ agenda, a method to chill free speech.

* The First Ever! – Network Radio.

* Pray For Lucas Gage!

* Jordan Peterson’s Daughter Mikhaila Peterson, Enters Free Speech Debate Against Nick Fuentes on X.

* “You and your father are both complete frauds,” Fuentes said. – “It’s all ‘free speech’ and ‘open debate’ until one particular group gets criticized even a little bit — then you are the first ones calling for censorship,” he added. “Total hypocrisy, we see right through you.”

* Death Valley National Park: If the temperature hits above 130 degrees, it would set the record for the hottest temperature ever “reliably measured on earth,” as reported by the Scientific American . The hottest temperature ever reliably recorded is 130 degrees, recorded twice at Death Valley in 2020 and 2021 . Both readings are pending verification by the World Meteorological Organization.

*Palm Springs breaks all-time high: 124 DEGREES…

* Mike Lindell Gives Rudy Giuliani a Job –