Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/05/2024
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Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/05/2024

* Biden identifies as proud black woman in botched effort to reassure voters of his competence – Joseph MacKinnon,

* Wayne Root: The Important Question Isn’t “Who is Replacing Biden?” The Life & Death Question We Should All Be Asking Is, “Who Is Running Our Country?”

* Biden Awards $504 Million to a Dozen ‘Tech Hubs’ Across the Country – NYT.

* Rand Paul: What freedom do you love Most? – Free speech, Right to keep and bear arms, Right to due process, States’ rights – Cst Yor Vote Now – Team Rand, Paid for by Rand Paul for Senate.

* Is A 70% Stock Market Crash Coming?

* Will Texas be the next? TX Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick plans to bring up legislation to require public schools and colleges to display the Ten Commandments in classrooms – Nancy Jackson.

* Rand Paul and Mike Lee Take Biden to Task for Sidestepping Congress With Security Guarantees for Ukraine – Spencer Brown,

US Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul drafted a resolution that blasted the Biden administration for the president’s recent decision to sign security guarantees for Ukraine — without review or consent from Congress.

* Half a Teaspoon of Olive Oil Daily May Protect Brain Health – Olive oil may reduce risk of dementia-related death by 28%, study finds – Swapping margarine for olive oil also beneficial –