Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/05/2024
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Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/05/2024

* Guest: Dr. Scott Bradley, Founder and Chairman of the Constitution Commemoration Foundation and the author of the book and DVD/CD lecture series To Preserve the Nation. In the Tradition of the Founding Fathers –

* Mike Lindell Gives Rudy Giuliani a Job –

* All of the country’s Democratic governors were in attendance either virtually or in person at a meeting with Biden on Wednesday night, the White House said, amid the ongoing political fallout from his performance at last Thursday’s debate.

* Is the American public now keenly aware that virtually everything the White House and national media say is a lie? –

* A backup Biden?: Hunter Biden – convicted felon, Drug-addled Hunter, Biden is going with his dad to all of his meetings.

* Hunter Biden has joined Joe in meetings with top aides, closely advising his father and popping into meetings and phone calls – NBCNews.

* Major Democrat donors are now pledging not to donate to the Democratic Party’s 2024 campaign unless Joe Biden relinquishes his position as the presidential nominee!

* How Biden’s mental decline went from ‘misinformation’ to fact in a week – David Harsanyi,